Free Video Dub for Windows 10


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Free Video Dub is a free program to edit videos. Use this tool to remove unwanted parts of video without re-encoding. In this case, all the modified video files retain their original quality! It is now one of the best programs for quick and easy removal of the various elements of the film. The program will find the basic options for playing movies, such as pause, move to a selected portion or view the video frame by frame. In addition to having advanced functions for trimming video in the relevant passages. Also displays the exact values ​​for the selected part of the movie - the starting, final, and its duration. To delete an unwanted part of the movie, just select the start and end point, and then click "save video". Created new video is automatically saved to a new file on your hard drive. Free Video Dub supports many media formats, including MP4, inter alia, , AVI, MKV, FLV, 3GP, WebM, WMV or MPG. Its operation is simple and will not cause any trouble novice computer users.